The creation of your own, customised guitar transcription is charged by the hour at a rate of $50 / €45 / £40. Many pieces take no more than 1.5/2 hours to complete based on there being one rhythm guitar and one lead/solo guitar to be transcribed. Others can take 8 hours or more. Naturally, it is all dependent on the length of the song, instruments to transcribe and overall complexity. This is why we ask that you enquire so that we can offer a quotation based on your requirement.

If we complete the task in less time than was originally quoted and paid for, we will refund the excess payment or credit it towards a future order you may wish to make. For example:

Quoted time needed 2 hours 
Price quoted $100 / €90 / £80
Actual time taken 1.5 hours 
Refund or credit due $75.00 / €67.50 / £60

There is an element of flexibility available to all of this and we aim strongly to offer customer satisfaction and competitive pricing, so we may be able to offer you a deal. Feel free to try your luck and you may just grab a bargain, super-accurate guitar transcription! Contact us today here.